So you are thinking about ordering your glasses online?  Guess what, I don’t blame you!  These days, it is super easy, convenient and cheap to order all sorts of things online.  We all do it, and it’s a great way to shop at 11 pm from the comfort of your recliner and in many cases, save some money on products that are available from your favorite online retailer.  I just closed out of Amazon because I’m shopping for my first radio controlled plane.  Guess what?  I found the plane I want (a super cool, GPS-guided electric trainer that will even land itself if I freak out) for about $50 less than the local hobby shop.  Good deal, free shipping and it’ll be at my door in 2 days.  How convenient is that??  And I can even pay for a spare battery with the money I’m saving.  Maybe I can do the same thing with my next pair of eyeglasses…

As an eye care professional who obviously generates revenue through the dispensing of eyewear, many people think that I’ll be offended or upset if they choose to purchase their next set of glasses online or at the local discount store.  While I AM disappointed, the reason I’m disappointed is not because of the money.  The reason I am disappointed is because I love taking care of eyes and making sure they are healthy, I love precisely measuring your prescription to give you the BEST vision possible, and I love figuring out what you do for a living and what you like to do for fun.  It’s what makes me tick.  Yeah, it’s all about YOU.  I’m also a nut when it comes to high quality, fashionable frames and digitally designed lenses to give you the best possible visual comfort and clarity.  We truly want to provide “Focused Vision, Inspired Life” for each of our patients and it does make us disappointed when we are only able to complete the job halfway and turn you over to a web site or salesperson who really only cares about your money.  We want to be your trusted adviser on all things eye related, from eye health to frame and lens technology, whether you get your glasses here or elsewhere.

Most people don’t realize there are all sorts of different lens designs and profiles, whether you wear single prescription lenses or multifocals, and that the actual numerical prescription is just one factor in how well you will feel in your new eyewear.  Our licensed optician, Brian (who is also an optical geek and a fanatic about lens and frame technology), takes my prescription and we work together to utilize a lens design that is going to give you a uniquely amazing visual experience.  He takes precision measurements to position the lenses in the frame so the bifocal works naturally without a lot of head bobbing.  No, your coworkers are not nodding off at their computer, they’re trying to use their misaligned bifocal.

As far as frames are concerned.  Yes, I could offer frames in my office for $7.95 and still generate some revenue.  So, why don’t I?  Well, it goes back to our mission statement.  Clarity Eye Care exists “To create an office environment that delivers an unexpected experience and makes life better for our patients and our employees.”  Guess what?  I’m not making your life better or my employees’ life better if your frame keeps breaking or falling out of adjustment.  You get upset because we provided something of inferior quality.  My team gets upset and they get busier, stressed and frustrated because they don’t have time to take care of patients.  Our optical team stands behind our products by offering warranties on frames and scratch resistant guarantees on lenses.  Providing poor quality to our patients is just not in alignment with who we are.  We work primarily with independent frame companies that deliver unique features, quality and value to our patients.  From plastic frames made of sustainable materials, to titanium/surgical steel frames that weigh 0.6 ounces, yet can suspend a 45 pound weight, we are committed to offering products that are unique and exciting.  That’s just what we’re about.

So what’s the difference between buying a radio controlled plane online, or a pair of eyeglasses online?  The difference is that the plane is put in a box by factory workers and made for anyone who clicks “buy”, while your new eyewear are made JUST FOR YOU by people who care about YOU.  I think you deserve the best, and our goal is to deliver that experience to you.



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