This Monday morning started just like any Monday morning at the Bryant household.  Alarm clocks ringing, dogs needing attention, child resisting the call to get out of bed.  We were running a bit behind and didn’t want to be late for our earling morning team rally at Clarity Eye Care, so I left without my standard cup of coffee.  Luckily, traffic cooperated and Betsy and I arrived just in time to scoot in for the meeting.  As I approached the door to our office building, Brian promptly cut me off and with a very concerned tone, told me there was a problem in the optical area.  Monday morning was starting with a bang!

When I opened the door to the office, I was suddenly transported into one of those home makeover reality shows.  I barely recognized where I was, and in about 30 seconds, didn’t miss that cup of coffee at all.  Little did I know that Betsy stalling me, and making us run a little late, was part of the plan.  For the last year, it has been my dream to remodel our office into something that better fits the personality of our team at Clarity Eye Care.  Our goal is to make your experience in our office something unique and comfortable, and our old optical area was cluttered, busy, and not at all relaxing.  We redesigned and decorated the reception area a few months ago, and we’ve been slowly evolving the decor of the exam rooms, but the optical boutique was the biggest project of them all.  I knew that it was going to be a big job, and there always seemed to be other projects that demanded my attention.  Our team had spent some time daydreaming and visualizing what it would eventually look like, but we knew that it would be a big project that would require quite an investment of resources to complete.

The incredible team that makes up Clarity Eye Care decided to recruit their spouses and remodel the optical area in one weekend, without telling me!  After weeks of sneaking around and planning, they began construction after a team building dinner on Friday night and worked until late on Sunday.  Although it was hard work, what they accomplished as a team in those two days, was nothing short of remarkable.  I have never been more surprised in my life, and I was touched on so many different levels when I finally came to my senses on Monday morning.  On one hand, it is easily one of the most thoughful things anyone has done for me.  To see my vision become reality is so inspiring and refreshing.  On the other hand, seeing how our crew worked together and knowing that they sacrificed a weekend and did it as much for EACH OTHER as they did for ME, well, that just says what kind of remarkable people surround me.  Wow.  I am so fortunate to work with such a great group of people.   It makes coming to work each day so easy!

They also did it for each one of our patients.  The reason we do what we do is to make life better for our patients, and one way to accomplish that is to enhance your experience while you are here.  We hope that our new optical area will make choosing the perfect frame a fun experience.  We have expanded our selection into some very new and exciting frame lines.  But best of all, our team truly cares about each one of you as a person.  Thinking of others first is natural and it is who they are as people, and who they are is reflected in what they do, day in and day out.  So, please drop by for a tour of our new office.  We’d love to see you!    

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