Treatment of Eye Disease

Diagnosis and Treatment

We are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of all eye diseases, and write medical prescriptions to treat infections, inflammations, abrasions, allergies, ocular trauma, glaucoma, and the many causes of “pink eye” and “red eye.”  Dr. Bryant has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and had spent almost 10 years as Chief of Glaucoma Services in a large optometric practice in the Southern Tier.

Emergencies and injuries are seen on an immediate basis.  We encourage you to contact us immediately in the event of an emergency, instead of your family doctor or urgent care.  As your eye care professional, we are equipped with the instruments, technology and experience to treat your eye condition most efficiently.  Patients can reach us after hours for an emergency consultation or office visit.  We are here for you.

If you require surgery, we work with the finest surgeons in the area.  Dr. Bryant will refer you to a surgeon who you can trust, and will make sure they have all the information needed before your visit.  Our goal is to make the potentially stressful situation more comfortable for you, and we encourage your questions throughout the process.  We also work with your surgeon’s office to coordinate all of your post-operative care.


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