Eye Exams

Dilation and Optomap:

In order to examine the back of your eye for disease, the effects of hypertension, or diabetes, we recommend each patient include either pupil dilation or Optomap as part of their annual eye health examination.

Dilation:  Drops are used to enlarge the pupil and allow us to see the back of the eye.  The effects of dilation generally last 3-4 hours and some patients will experience light sensitivity and blurred vision while reading.  We recommend you bring someone to drive you home after your exam if have not had your pupils dilated in the past and are unsure of the effects.

Optomap retinal scan:  This state of the art technology allows your optometrist to view an ultra-widefield view of the back of your eye WITHOUT PUPIL DILATION or any visual side effects.  The instrument works like a digital camera and captures a 200 degree image of the inside of your eye in a split second.  Dr. Bryant will explore your images with you and offer you the opportunity to see the inside of your eye first hand.  This technology allows you to get back to your busy life without blurred vision or light sensitivity, while giving you peace of mind in knowing that your eyes are healthy.  Feel free to call our office or visit our resources page to learn more about the Optomap experience!



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