Two years.  Sometimes, two years seems like a really long time, like when you are waiting to get your driver’s license, graduate with a degree or when you are waiting for a loved one to come home.  Other times, two years seems to be such a fleeting moment in a small chapter of this novel that we call “life.”  Usually, time passes quickly when we are enjoying the journey and not merely anticipating the destination.  For me, this has most certainly been the case.

On January 1, 2013, all of the events leading up to that day had fallen into place.  I became the owner of an established eye care office, and I immediately found myself wondering what in the world I had done. Would Clarity Eye Care be successful?  Did my training and experience prepare me for the responsibility of leading others?  Most of all, would Ithaca appreciate who we would become as a part of the community?

After practicing optometry for 12 years, 10 of those as an associate in a large practice in Binghamton, I was inspired and moved to action by my belief that health care didn’t have to be what it had become.  Don’t get me wrong; technology, advances in pharmacology and breakthroughs in research had elevated the practice of medicine to unprecedented heights.  But through all of these advancements, I had experienced firsthand as a patient and also as a practitioner, a frightening change in medicine’s core belief.  I realized that we were becoming less engaged in our interactions with our health care providers.  This change has led to appointments that seem more stressful and rushed and problems being unmentioned or overlooked.  So many patients have held back questions about things that concern them because their doctor is too busy, causing them to get the impression that their doctor doesn’t really care (when the reality is that they really WANT to care).  I don’t believe it happens in EVERY medical practice, but I know that many of my colleagues and patients understand that “something is different” than it used to be.

When I began to envision what Clarity Eye Care would be, I decided to create an environment that was unhurried, relaxed, comfortable, friendly, and also delivered the absolute BEST quality eye care and vision correction.  Fortunately, in my midst was a team of eye care professionals who wanted to treat their patients to that kind of experience, and the ball was set in motion to change our community, one patient experience at a time.

After hundreds of amazing patient reviews on the internet, and kind words from many of those who pass our way, I am realizing that Ithaca really believes what we believe; that we can all make the community a better place by intentionally taking selfless care of our neighbors.  Thank you so much for encouraging us over the years and talking about Clarity Eye Care to your friends, coworkers and family.  We are so appreciative of the love and support, and it makes it a pleasure to be here every day.  It’s been two years, and we are just beginning to REALLY make a difference.  Stay tuned…   Clarity-89

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